Gram flour frittata with leek and red peppers

Frittata was one of those dishes my mum used to make when she had to empty the fridge 😀 Frittata could actually contain anything, from cheese to leftover veggies, fresh herbs from the garden and so on, even pasta from the day before (if you haven’t tried it, you should!). Today’s frittata follows the same […]

Creamy and cheesy vegan pesto

Making vegan pesto at home is one of the quickest and simplest things you can do. Plus, you know what you eat! No added oils and no weird ingredients. Just avocado, pine nuts, spinach and a few more things. Traditional Italian pesto calls for Parmigiano and Pecorino cheese but being vegan we have replaced both […]

Creamy saffron brown rice

Saffron is a very old spice and was often used in ancient Egypt to make perfumes, ointments and to dye fabrics. Today saffron is well known for its culinary properties and it’s used to make delicious and aromatic dishes such as saffron rice. There are lots of different saffron rice recipes and every country has […]

roasted aubergine

Roasted aubergine with miso and tahini paste

Aubergines have always been on my plate since I was a kid. We had lots in our garden in Rome and my mum used to cook them all the time: parmigiana, fritters, grilled and so on… I hope to share all of her recipes here one day…But for now, let’s make something a bit more […]

sugar free raspberry jam

Sugar free raspberry jam with chia seeds

Who said jam has to be full of sugar?! Not us for sure: today, in fact, we are going to make sugar-free raspberry jam! This jam contains zero sugar and it’s made with only a few ingredients: raspberries, blueberries, some stevia and few tablespoons of chia seeds. It’s the perfect topping for pancakes or peanut […]


Tempeh skewers with ginger sesame sauce

Tempeh is one of our favourite foods. It’s high in protein and fibre, low in carbs and contains no sugar at all: it’s a great food for diabetics or anyone who’s looking to watch their carbs (hello keto peeps!). Tempeh is also an excellent source of magnesium, B vitamins, phosphorus, and manganese and offers you […]

vegan banana muffin 2

Vegan banana muffins with oats and almond butter

These vegan banana muffins are fluffy, tasty and delicious! They are made with only a few ingredients and are great accompanied by a cup of tea or some coffee. They have no flour and no refined sugars and are perfect for diabetics. The only ingredients here are bananas, oats and some almond butter…Can you actually […]

keto crispy crackers

Crispy keto crackers

These crispy keto crackers are perfect for healthy snacking as they are low in carbs and full of all the good fats! We usually have them with guacamole or hummus but you can choose any vegan dip you like really. Having healthy snacks on hand is really important in those difficult times – especially if […]

stuffed tomatoes in oven dish

Stuffed tomatoes with brown rice and tofu

Stuffed tomatoes are a classic roman dish and I used to have it all the time when I was in Italy. My mum used to make them with white basmati rice and potatoes while our version has fewer carbs and more proteins. We have replaced white rice with brown rice as it’s more suitable for […]

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